Book Review: All My Mother’s Lovers

Title: All My Mother’s Lovers Author: Ilana Masad’s Type: Fiction Published: 2020 Pages: 336 All My Mother’s Lovers, Ilana Masad’s debut novel, is an empathetic portrait of a difficult mother-daughter relationship intercut with grief, road trips and queer romance. The novel begins with 27-year-old Maggie Krause returning home after her mother’s sudden death. Iris, dies, leaving behind her daughter, Maggie; her husband, Peter; her son, … Continue reading Book Review: All My Mother’s Lovers

Tired of saying the same thing: stop killing women!!!

Hi bloggers So, the past weekend has been a traumatizing one for people in my country where the same awareness was raised against Femicide. In South Africa femicide is a real problem where many women die in the hands of men they date, their family members and friends or complete strangers. There is great fear of being a woman, because you don’t know if you … Continue reading Tired of saying the same thing: stop killing women!!!

Book Review: What I like about you

Title: What I Like About You  Author: Marisa Kanter Type: Young Adults Fiction (YA) Pages: 416 Published: 2020 Halle Leavitt, whose parents are filmmakers, have bounced from town to town so many times that she’s never invested in real friendships, her friends are mostly online. Halle is the granddaughter of a well-known editor from a major publishing house, and after deciding at the age of … Continue reading Book Review: What I like about you

Book Review: Fairest

Title: Fairest Author: Meredith Talusan Type: Memoir Pages: 320 Published: 2020 Put aside your beliefs of gay, lesbian, trans and just appreciate the human story that this author writes. Talusan, an albino trans Filipino-American, doesn’t just set forth on a story of being trans or an immigrant. “I was an outcast among outcasts.” From her childhood as a boy in the Philippines to her life … Continue reading Book Review: Fairest